There are reasons for Medicare to Increase…. Your income is higher.  That’s good and we hope your income stays higher. But what if it increase because of an unusual event… can we explain that and get it lowered? Well, yes, kind of and maybe.  Check this list.  Even if your reason is not on this […]

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2015 & 2016 Employer Penalty – Small Employers!

In 2014 the Affordable Care Act created some penalties that you might not be aware of for the SMALL EMPLOYER. They were terrible, so terrible that in fact Congress decided to not enforce the penalties for 2014 and in early 2015 said continue what you are doing until June 30, 2015. Earlier this year Rep. Charles […]

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Affordable Care Act Penalty Exemptions

Special hardship exemptions have to be applied for…. and when taxpayer receives an ECN (exemption certificate number) we can input that and the penalty goes away.   Has to be applied for…. Here is the link. If you have not done so, you should explore this…. some possible exemptions……. Required care of a loved one […]

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