IRS Award & Panel

WASHINGTON – The Internal Revenue Service has named Wolfe, Young & Company the 2004 Exemplary Electronic Return Originator (ERO) 1120 Pioneer award recipient.   Lonnie Young accepted the award on behalf of the entire staff.

A plaque commemorating the award was presented to Mr. Young at a dinner with 1500 of his peers during the IRS Nationwide Tax Forum in Las Vegas, NV, on September 15, 2004. A letter of commendation from Mark W. Everson, IRS Commissioner, said, “…you meet, to the highest degree, all the expectations that the Service has of EROs and we congratulate you for your excellent performance.”

This award was given for the firm’s being number one in the nation when the number and accuracy of returns is considered.  For more information, use or and input Lonnie Young IRS and follow the IRS links.

NEW YORK August 8-9, 2005 —- Mr. Young participated in panel discussions at request of IRS regarding the benefits of the high-tech paperless office