Privacy Policy

Young & Company, LLC
Purpose of Letter

2002 the Securities and Exchange Commission issued a new rule, Regulation S-P. Regulation S-P serves to implement the privacy requirements of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act. Therefore, by law we are required to disclose to you our privacy policies.

Young & Company, LLC realizes and values that each one of our clients has entered into a trusting relationship with us. Therefore, respecting the privacy and security of a customer’s non-public personal information is our top priority. Young & Company, LLC’s primary client goal is to safeguard your privacy while offering the best products and services that are available. Young & Company, LLC will not nor has ever disclosed any of our customers or former customer’s non-public personal information to any outside third parties, except where required by law. However, to service our clients we do collect and use personal information from such sources as:

  • Information reported by you on applications or other forms you provide to us
  • Information about your transactions with us or our affiliates

Once this information is collected by us or through one of our affiliates it is then queued into an online system, which is used, by Young & Company, LLC and it’s affiliates as a means to pool together pertinent non-public personal information. Pooling this information together into one source facilitates our ability to properly monitor the correctness, suitability, and timeliness of business transactions within individual accounts.

In order to implement the Securities and Exchange Commissions new rule, we will continue to internally safeguard your non-public personal information by restricting access to only those employees who provide products or services to you or those who need access to your information in order to service your account. In addition, Young & Company, LLC will maintain physical and procedural safeguards that meet federal and state standards to guard your non-public personal information. Young & Company, LLC has implemented many safeguards to meet Federal and State standards for protecting non-public personal information that is kept online. Implementation of password protection, SSL Encryption, Virus scans, and a fire wall have all been utilized to safeguard your online non-public personal information while giving us an opportunity to better service your needs.