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1099's - can we just do them?

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For many things processed at www.USATaxHelp.com, we will need to submit your authorization in the form of a Power of Attorney (POA).  If it is an income issue, audit issue, etc we will need one type POA (F2848)... if it is authorization to file payroll tax forms... IRS has another form (F8655) as does State of Florida (DR600).....

BUT, for 1099's to IRS, our firm can process if.........

Transmitters, paying agents, etc.  A transmitter, service bureau, paying agent, or disbursing agent (hereafter referred to as “agent”) may sign Form 1096 on behalf of any person required to file (hereafter referred to as “payer”) if the conditions in 1 and 2 below are met.

  1. The      agent has the authority to sign the form under an agency agreement (oral,      written, or implied) that is valid under state law and

  2. The      agent signs the form and adds the caption “For: (Name of payer).”