S Corp Shareholder Sells – Short Year Accounting

Taxpayer decided to sell his stock in the company, as opposed to an asset sale. This means the buyer has the responsibility to prepare the corporate tax return. Taxpayer has agreed to do an accounting of the year up to the date of sale and present this information to the buyer. In the contract, please add the following for tax purposes:

The existing shareholders and the new shareholder(s) elect to allocate income and expenses as if the corporation's tax year consisted of two separate tax years, the first of which ends on the date of the existing shareholders' termination.

Attached to a timely filed return original return will be the statement "Corporation elects under Section 1377(a)(2) and Regulations Section 1.1377-1(b) to treat the tax year as if it consisted of two separate tax years. Shareholders' entire interest was terminated by sale. The corporation and each affected shareholder consent to the corporation making the election." Additionally, the statement "Section 1377(a)(2) Election Made" will be entered at the top of each affected shareholders Schedule K-1.