2013 Form 1099 Late Filing Penalty

This has never been easy to explain.... here is the latest....             

The penalties were increased two years ago to the following amounts:

  • $30 per form, or per statement, if it was corrected within 30 days (maximum $250,000 per year),
  • $60 per form, or per statement, if corrected more than 30 days after the filing due date by August 1 of the same year (maximum $500,000 per year),
  • $100 per form, or  per statement, if corrected later than August 1 of the same year or if not corrected (maximum $1,500,000 per year),
  • Where intentional disregard of the requirements is found: $250 per return, or per statement, or 10% of the total amount that should have been reported (5% if amounts should have been reported of Form 1099-B), whichever is greater with no maximum cap,
  • Payers with annual gross receipts of $5 million or less may qualify as “small business” payers for which the penalties may be reduced by 30% to 44% for various types of failures.

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