2012 SUV Depreciation

If in 2012 you purchase and put into use a$60,000 SUV with a gross vehicle weight greater than 6,000 pounds, you can expense $25,000. Then, half of thre remaining $35,000 cost ($17,500) qualifies for 50% bonus depreciation. Finally, you can deduct 20% of the $17,500 balance. Thus, the first year write off is $46,000.

All of the above calculations assume the vehicle is used 100% of the time (as written documentation must show). The deduction would be reduced by the % below 100%. If you only use it 80% of the time for business, then only 80% of the above figures applies.

And, USED SUV's do not receive the bonus deprecation.
For lighter vehicles the depreciation is limited to $11,060.