Who:  All employers interested in retirement plans (this is what we do)


What:  Simple IRA’s


When:  Can sign up until September 30, 2014 for new plans and fund later.


Why:  Cause you are going to want to retire someday. It is never too early nor too late to start.


How Much Can an Employee Contribute: 

Up to $12,000 per employee plus $2,500 if over age 50. THAT IS EMPLOYEE MONEY


 How Much Must the Employer Match: 

                Our suggestion is the employer adds the lower of:

               3% of wages or whatever employee contributes

               (This is a low cost way to implement a significant employee benefit)



                   Employee earns $30,000 x 3% = $900 is the maximum exposure the employer must match.

                   If the employee puts in nothing, the employer puts in nothing.

                   If the employee puts in $5,000 (employee’s money), employer can only put in $900.

                   If the employee put in $300, the employer can only put in $300.


To Know More: 

Call Lonnie Young  (407) 936-2500 x107

for Tax Implications and W2 Reporting Requirements (easy).


This is an easy no administrative cost solution to having an employee retirement benefit.

                   Additionally, since the employee picks the individual investment, there is no fiduciary

responsibility on your part for investment performance.